It’s just another day on social media for Chris Sutton who opened up his phone this morning to see a nice message left for him by another obsessed Ibrox fan.

Sutton posted a light-hearted dig at celebrations after a leaked Police Scotland memo revealed they were blaming Celtic players for upsetting the Ibrox fans so much at Celtic Park it forced them to act like thugs.

One Ibrox fan named Andrew really didn’t like that and responded by sending Sutton a violent threat to ‘punch is c*** in’.

Sutton’s response was a belter!

Sutton was referring to the season where he capped of Celtic’s whitewash with a last minute winner against the old Rangers.

Celtic had beaten the Ibrox side in all encounters but were heading for a draw in the final derby of the season.

Up popped Sutton with a fantastic lob that left Stefan Klos in no mans land!



  1. These Sevconians really should get there behaviour corrected.Its not anyone elses fault,Sevco are repeatedly a laughing stock.There support threatening Celtic Me.Nothing new there.The Way these arseholes reacted to Neil Lennon was Disgraceful.Everyone knows this New Clubs just as bad as the Liquidated One.Same Parasite Fans but a Different Turd..You Go Chris Bhoy give em Both Barrels.HH


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