CHRIS SUTTON is paid to give his opinions, sometimes we agree with them, sometimes we don’t.

However, reaching to conclusions over what’s gone on at Peter Lawwell’s house this week is a step too far and must be called out for what it is – a blatant grab for paper sales by the Daily Record.

The horrible and horrific attack on Peter Lawwell’s home in the early hours of Wednesday warning was despicable.

Chris drawing some pretty irresponsible conclusions before the Police have a chance to find out what’s gone on for the sake of hits is really poor from the Englishman.

The former Celtic player lays the blame on football fans for the incident. Let’s get this clear, it might very well be the case but to actively pursue it with little knowledge of the event is dangerous.

We found out yesterday there was a similar attack on Glasgow businessman James Mortimers home in Bothwell – his cars were set ablaze in a shameful attack. It’s by no means a forgone conclusion the motives for this attack

Yet, Chris and the Daily Record’s angle was to say this incident will put players of coming to Glasgow. It’s really poor stuff from Chris and he’s overstepped the mark.

Speaking to the Daily Record the Sutton went on an ill-advised rant : “Would the terrible thing that happened to Peter put off someone coming up here?

“That would be for the individual to decide for himself. When I came up in 2000, I was aware of the rivalry to an extent and for the most part in the five-and-a-half years I was there, I enjoyed the back and forth between the fans. But there were always moments when people overstepped the mark. Over the piece, it is a brilliant city and you’re hoping that incidents like this don’t dissuade top managers and top players to come up to Scotland.

“But the image this is portraying is not good. I’ve had friends down south texting me this morning about the attack on Peter Lawwell’s house saying, ‘What on earth is going on up there?’

“It’s shameful. It’s giving Glasgow a terrible reputation.”

“This is the work of a couple of idiots, probably. And it’s not about the club they support – it’s about personal responsibility.

“I just don’t understand what goes through somebody’s mind to do that.

“How would they feel if their own families were subjected to such a terrifying ordeal? They’d be outraged.

“Thankfully, nobody was hurt but the consequences of the action taken by whoever carried out this attack could have been horrific. It’s bad enough with the damage to vehicles and the residence, as well as the trauma to the people inside the house.”

It’s deeply regrettable that this was a tact and an angle Chris was willing to take without any proper knowledge of what’s gone on.

As I say, it could very well be the case that it’s football related, but to put this into the mix less than 24 hours after the event is very poor.


  1. Peter lost nothing (unless one of his pets was in his garage at time of fire) His insurance will cover all damage. Whether the sad thicko is caught. All for the price of one, or two airgun paint pellets. This cun7 was on video for all to see. So was Peter many a time. Where is the fans insurance, his penny pinching cost the support?? Sour Papes I think not.


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