CHRIS SUTTON went, well, full Chris Sutton this afternoon after the Kilmarnock game where he got fed up of McCoisg skirting around the issue of how  bad The Rangers actually are.

The former Ibrox coach criticised the team for being soft but it was all very tame. Referring to the fans saying they deserved better from the side.

However, Chris was happy to wrap it up in a festive package with a ribbon on top. Listen to his rant after McCoist he his say.




  1. HH All Yes Sutton is right :But what about the Bigotry singing wee had to listen too and nothing said or done about it I watched it and Listened on Radio Scotland heard clear as the day was long shocking no policing no apologizes nothing 21first century should not be hearing this nonsense seem to be one sided what Establishment want to stop hh ktf

  2. I agree but our side has to stop the support of the republican army in Northern ??, football first , we have never been sectarian but can’t take the high ground as long as we sing provo propaganda.

    • Paul.. ‘provo propaganda’ on the sauce? if not can you give examples or do you just read the daily mail or the sun to help inform your opinions?


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