CHRIS SUTTON posted a brilliant tweet this afternoon as he watched France win the World a cup against Croatia.

The former Celtic striker took the opportunity to big up his former teammate Didier Agathe and declared he would easily beat Kylian Mbappe over 50 yards as the world watched the youngster dazzle on the World Cup stage.

Didier Agathe was bargain sensation for Celtic back under Martin O’Neill who he bought from Hibs.

When Celtic fans think of a Didier Agathe they instantly remember his pace and the night the player tore Ajax to shreds at the Amsterdam Arena with the help of Chris Sutton.

It would be an interesting race between the two.


  1. I think Nroll, would win a race over 50 yards now……. Just……. Well Didiers is twice his age noo😀😀


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