CHRIS SUTTON has had a bit of a pop at Neil Lennon in his RecordSport column for the aftermath of the Glasgow Derby after he claimed the Celtic manager ‘milked’ the victory at Ibrox and pointed out hypocrisy.

Neil Lennon has a go at the media and fans who treated the club like an afterthought before the game against Steven Gerrard’s men. The Irishman let the media have it telling them nobody gave Celtic a chance and even told the Sky Sports reporter in attendance his station didn’t even feature him in the pre-match video package.

Lennon made some of the media eat humble pies after the sycophantic way there were fawning over The Rangers form before the game. The release of emotion and tension after the game for Neil was there and he told it straight.

However, Sutton believes the Celtic manager has left himself open if he gets beat in the next Derby.

Sutton also took issue with the manager calling out critics of Jullien and Bongoli after their Ibrox performances. The Englishman pointing out, not playing both against Cluj was the managers own early critique of the duo.

“Lennon milked the Old Firm win, although I’m not sure it was all that necessary to have a pop at people afterwards. That just leaves you open if it goes wrong in the future.” Sutton wrote.

“Lennon made a point of saying that players such as Boli Bolingoli and Christopher Jullien had been criticised, but it was also the manager himself who left the pair out of the crucial home tie with Cluj.”