RYAN CHRISTIE said he is surprised Dolly Menga wasn’t sent off for his headbutt in Celtic’s 0-0 draw against Livingston on Sunday.

The midfielder who just penned a new three-year deal with Celtic on Monday expressed his bemusement as to why Menga did it in the first place, with no build up, anger or anything really going on.

Christie was taken by surprise by the aggressive act, so much so it took a couple of seconds to register what had actually happened.

“We want to cut that kind of thing out of football completely and rightly so. There was no build up to it or anything like that, it just came out of nowhere,” told SunSport.

“It took me by surprise and took me a few seconds to realise he had put the head on me.

“I can’t remember what I said to him. It was something like, ‘What are you doing?’.

“If they have seen something then it is surprising he has not been shown a red card.

“The referee called us both over which made me think he had seen it, as there was nothing else to be seen other than that.

“I didn’t get much of a talking to and I thought if the ref had seen it then it would be a red card.

“He gave Menga a right talking to, but no action was taken. The ref told us both to calm down and said to him he was watching him.”

Christie has been on a roll for the Celtic team since coming in as a half time replacement for Olivier Ntcham in the League Cup Semi Final.

The Scottish star has shined domestically and in Europe against Leipzig at home.

With so many people clamouring for a replacement to Stuart Armstrong in the summer, it turns out it could have been under our nose this whole time.



  1. If Christie told the thuth, and said where his finger was just before MENGA turned his head around quickly and calls The Celtic player Torbett. SHAME on Celtics sponsors for not speaking out,they must have known.

  2. The guys father called him Dolly, so maybe he’s upset at that. As he’s been getting a bit of a slagging in certain circles. If he apologized, then fair due to you Dolly. Because if he connected Ryan wae that heedie, Ryan would be deid. So much for referees protecting players from injurys.

  3. If the ref gave Menga a “right talking to “then he must have seen the incident and should be forced to explain his decision to allow him to continue! He has set a precedent for other thugs!!


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