Celtic have taken only 1 point from a possible 6 in their last two matches against Dundee Utd and Ross County.

Our Christmas spirit zapped by a high flying united side and a very dogged county 11.

We live in a footballing mad world where the buck stops solely with the manager, a philosophy I have never really agreed with but that’s the world we live in. While I have been an advocate of Deila at times when people try to brand him a ‘dud’ or that other thing that rhymes with dud sometimes I’m a bit baffled with what he is trying to do. Celtic fans have been on his case to give Leigh Griffiths a go in the starting XI, they got their wish today but he was playing more of an attacking mid role than a full on striker. Leigh is a player who thrives on being in and around the box and what we got today was some long shots and some admittedly nice crosses from the striker who looks as frustrated as the fans that he isn’t playing straight through the middle. I’m never a fan of Celtic just playing one up top but I understand that sometimes it’s the right way to go, but against the likes of Ross County at home we really should be playing 2 up top and all guns blazing.

Ronny has a particular goal in mind about how he wants to play I just don’t understand why he can’t play attacking free flowing football with 2 strikers on the pitch playing as strikers.

However it’s hard to criticise the manager too much after all we are sitting top of the league, still in 2 domestic cup competitions and in Europe after Christmas. The last couple of games are hopefully a blip rather than any sort of trend.

There is an element of our support who are desperate for Ronny to fail now, which really confuses me. Waiting for the bad results to come around just so they can stick the knife in and this attitude is being championed by the media. Yes, I have criticised the manager in this article but ultimately I would love to see him succeed.

Ronny still has a lot to prove but things could certainly be worse. Most players he’s dealing with at the moment are the players his predecessor picked and it will be good to see him get some of his players in.

January will be interesting.



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