Christopher Jullien took part in an interview with BeInSports interview on French TV on Wednesday evening.

During the interview, the Frenchman spoke about his injury situation at Celtic and revealed he really only had a six week period where he was fit this term.

The CelticFR account translated some of the interview:

“I suffered an injury in Sept, I came back for 6 weeks with the team, we won the Scottish Cup and achieved the Quadruple Treble which is historical for the club. We were already behind in the league at this time, and I couldn’t help my team due to my injury”

“In Jan and Feb we didn’t get good results, It has hurt to see that. We had lots of discussions with the coach and the group, from playing in front of a full Celtic Park to closed doors didn’t help… it could have been a historic season, unfortunately, we didn’t achieve that”

It’s great to hear that and let’s hope there can be a stronger challenge next term.

Jullien isn’t due back until after the window has closed, it’s unfathomable to think the Frenchman might part of any exodus and by the sounds of it he’s up for the fighter next season

Replacing so many players in a short space of time won’t be good for the club in the short term. Trying to find cohesion with a new group of stars will be very problematic. Jullien could help the transition between the new and older players and could be a leader in the dressing room.


  1. Look it was the end of a decade no team has done 10 in a row,but we are now on the up we will have a new manager and backroom in place soon we will see many old faces go and many new faces come who will be our new Heros, so let them do and say what they like for now, next season we are going be stronger than we have ever been in the last 10 seasons we are the team on the up and when we hit the top we intend to stay there again….


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