CARL STARFELT has been on a poor run of form as of late and it continued against St Johnstone when the Swedish defender helped assist in the home side’s goal during the second half.

The bhoys were 2-0 and cruising when a slack pass from the centre back let Chris Kane grab the goal, making it a nervy end to the game for the depleted Hoops.

We already watched Kyogo walk off, but it looked like the team were going to give us a relatively stress-free boxing day, taking two goals early and playing some great stuff.

The bhoys would have been further ahead if it hadn’t been for some top goalkeeping.

Starfelt did go on a good run of form after a shaky start at Celtic, but there’s no denying the Swede hasn’t been great in December.

These fans have seen enough and some believe Christopher Jullien will be the man to replace Carl in the side once the Frenchman is fit.

Celtic saw out the game, winning three points with a makeshift side.

The winter break has now begun for Celtic and by the time the Hoops return, we have to hope the squad is in a much better place.


  1. Carter Vickers is a bucket of sh*t. One leg and so s l o w. He has the most touches in the game. In fact, the game stops when he recieves the ball. If Celtic spends £5/6m on him it will prove a point that someone in the club can’t see the bleeding obvious. He can’t pass to a midfielder, he thinks he runs the game, aye he does, into the ground. Get rid of him!

    As for Starfelt, he needs a good kick up the erse. He causes his own problems. Sure we’re understaffed, but passing the ball to a midfielder is BASIC. He can’t pass wind! If he doesn’t improve, ship him OUT.

    Absolute rubbish from Celtic, we went to sleep in the 2nd half, and they got a goal. We went to sleep

    Kris Boyd is on TV after the game. You are a 100% Var man when it’s Celtic. Will the ludge be running Var for you? Fake Teeth, Fake Tan, Fake Hair, Fake Smile, Fake everything.

    • My goodness you must have some hangover from Christmas day or else Santa wisnae very good to you. Carter vickers strolled through the game today, when you pass out of defence then your central defenders are going to have plenty of the ball. Starfelt will have to stop the simple errors, if he doesn’t he should be benched as I think Stephen Welsh is a more reliable defender.
      All in All I’m happy with todays performance considering that the team were thrown together at the last minute. The boy Dawson looks to have a future.

  2. Every player makes mistakes the only thing seems to be that when he does them it costs us. I wouldn’t write him off though..not yet

  3. Ccv celtics best defender by a mile – enjoy him he won’t be here next season – as for starfelt , the guy just gives me the fear – reminds me of ambrose so much , cruising thru games then bang goal conceded – he’s never convinced me – well done abadda thru middle suits you better harder to hide imo .

  4. Tic Tac teeth Boyd must be living on the moon thinking we getting away with to many decisions and begging for VAR to be brought in.
    What about the constant dubious penalty awards given to Sevco every other game except today. Bring it on then we should be on an even keel with the manky mob. Paris buns love playing with no fans lol

  5. Get off the guys back celtics attacking style will always leave gaps at the back We missed mcgreggor today just like broony is missed


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