24th April 2022; Victoria Park, Dingwall, Scotland, Scottish Premier league football, Ross County versus Celtic; Celtic Manager Angelos Postecoglou

Ange Postecoglou could be the most universally liked Celtic manager in the modern era. The way he speaks and goes about his business lends itself to the view he’s not just a great manager but a top human being.

The Australian has spent less than a year in Glasgow but has revealed he’s not had any negative experiences when he’s out and about.

Some Celtic and Rangers* players can be heckled in the street if they’re noticed by opposition supporters. However, the Celtic manager told Football Scotland, the funny thing is when Rangers* fans approach him to talk, they immediately declare their allegiance.

“People feel the need to declare their allegiance when they meet me, which I find pretty amusing.

“They’ll come up and say, ‘Look, I’m a Rangers supporter’, which they don’t have to say – they could just say ‘G’day’ or ‘Hello’.

“But people have been very respectful to me and I try to be the same.”

Ange Postecoglou has been a class act since he came in and it’s easy to see why. There’s no bravado, no real ego on show and an understanding of the rivalry in Glasgow without going over board.

“I represent this football club and I’ll back this club in every corner, every contest, every fight we have.

“But I’ll always have respect for the opposition. I’ll always know there’s a manager in the other dugout who’s going through the same trials and tribulations.

“I hope people see that in me. They can want me to fail miserably but still respect the fact I’m still involved in this contest.”

Ange is days away from confirming the SPFL title one way or another. The lack of respect he got to begin with and throughout our troubled start now a distant memory.

He’s turned this club around in such a short space of time and you have to hand it to him. Many would’ve given the manager a free pass this year to build and make progress without a title win. The fact he’s managed to do a double in his first season is incredible.


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