CRAIG GORDON has been praised by Celtic and rival fans after Alloa’s Greig Spence revealed the Celtic goalkeeper dipped into his own pocket and covered the striker’s wages after a reckless challenge left the player unable to work for three months.

The Celtic vs Alloa game back in 2016 saw Gordon and Spence clash with the Celtic goalkeeper leading with his leg.

At the time, the goalkeeper should have been sent off, but it has to be said there was never any malice in the challenge and it was just reckless on Gordon’s part.

The incident has been forgotten about until Craig Gordon brought up the need for transparency from our governing body after seeing a few Gers players get away with attacks on fellow professionals that were in no way in the spirit of a football match.

The whataboutery started, and this challenge was brought up immediately by Ibrox fans trying to deflect from thugs at their club.

This backfired when Greig Spence came out on twitter and told the fan giving Gordon a hard time that he forgave the Celtic goalkeeper after Gordon covered his wages while he was out on the mend.

Class act from the Celtic man who did not need to do this but it was indeed the correct thing to do.


  1. That’s the Celtic way, this would have been done without any fuss until certain morons choose to bring it up. Also kinda maKes me happy to see Armstrong away after it was revealed it took his transfer to give his starter club a couple of Bob, again if he had any class he would have quietly slipped them a few quid behind the scenes.


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