Class act Leigh Griffiths showed his commitment to always going above and beyond for young Celtic fans when on Friday night a stray ball during the warm-up hit a young fan behind the goal.

Leigh immediately went over to the young lad who had taken a sore one to check to see if he was okay.

He told the bhoy that he would see him right after the game where he was currently standing and not to leave.

Even though it was a frustrating night for the bhoys, Leigh was true to his word and after the game, he came straight over and handed the young lad his match worn jersey.

Accidents happen and it would have been enough for Leigh to just check on the young lad’s well being but he went above and beyond to make sure his lasting memory of the day was getting one of his heroes shirts.

That wasn’t the only thing Leigh did on Friday. The Scottish striker signed a new four-year deal with the club ensuring more goals in the future for the bhoys in green.



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