The government announcement today confirmed what many suspected and Level 1 or 0 was not attainable for the whole country at the moment.

It means there will be a more staggered return to the football for fans in the coming weeks and months.

Celtic are beginning to press ahead with plans to get supporters inside the stadium in some numbers next term.

Posting out this evening, the club’s update asks season ticket holders to register up to six people for a bubble during matches. This would allow the club to cluster fans about the ground and make sure there’s minimum contact between fans outside their own bubble.

The EPL ran games on the final two games of last season and it worked well from the outside. They didn’t have season ticket holders though, they were selling tickets to these games at the time

It doesn’t complicate things when you are beholden to a large number of season ticket holders who all must get a turn to watch a game in the flesh. It’s at least encouraging they believe fans will be inside grounds shortly.


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