On the face of it, the news that Charlton’s takeover is nearly complete has nothing to do with Celtic.

However, if you’ve been following the story surrounding Celtic’s pursuit of Charlton player Alfie Doughty then it could be very noteworthy.

The English club has been paralysed while negotiations have been taking place with many Journo’s claiming any transfer dealings to do with the club would most likely wait until the deal was concluded one way or another.

Celtic could now look to make their move for Alfie Doughty to shore up the left full-back position.

The midfielder is on the last year of his contract with the bhoys unwilling to over pay for Alfie.

If Celtic sign any players between now and Thursday they would be eligible to play in the Europa League playoff game but only if Neil Lennon dropped someone from his current European pool. The Scottish champions are away to Sarajevo.


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