Celtic fans have been rightly calling out Sky Sports resident cheerleader Kris Boyd for calling out people trying to make mischief at his old club.

Kris shot down the notion that things are going on behind the scenes and branded anyone peddling stuff like this are just trouble makers.

This is in sharp contrast to Kris Boyd talking about Celtic on the same platform under Brendan Rodgers where he was pedalling a split in the dressing room and trying to make mischief of his own.

The narrative is ever-changing when you’re a cheerleader instead of a pundit. It’s all about protecting his old club and trying run down Celtic any chance he gets. We’ve not seen the lad smile since the end of December.

Here’s the clip for anyone who is interested.

And some fan reaction:

It appears Kris only cares about such rumours if they’re hurting Celtic.


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