Mikael Lustig was part of a Sweden team who refused to be beaten by Spain on Monday evening.

Two years on after leaving Celtic, there’s still a player there in Lustig and he still puts in 100%z

The Swede is an iconic figure in the East End of Glasgow and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone with a negative opinion of him who follows Celtic.

Mikael was part of such a fantastic period in our history, the rose tinted glasses seem to be in when it comes to discussing his Parkhead departure.

The defender looked to have lost a step in his final season with Celtic and his role within the team was diminishing. Celtic fans seeing him on Monday evening playing well [apart from an absolute howler where he’s managed to nutmeg himself] have suggest we let the Swede go too early.

I think that’s revisionism to be honest.

It’s great to see Lustig still going and managing to pull off a shock in the Euro’s. We hope to see more from Sweden in this tournament. Henrik Larsson’s son, Jordan Larsson is part of the squad.


  1. Think your still wearing Rose coloured glasses,as far as Lustig goes He was a great servant to celtic,but coming to the end of his career with us he was caught ball watching in a number of games Sevco,Aberdeen,Heartland in various European games resulting in us losing goals,teams used to make sure that anybody playing wide left would arrive late or stand really wide at corners and crosses then come in when he missed the cross or never picked up his man .So thank you for everything
    That you did for the club and will always be welcomed back at celtic park but not as a player.very similar to a player who is out injured when not playing everyone thinks he is a better player till he plays again


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