Some Celtic fans have been left annoyed and irritated at the treatment of Timo Weah after the American revealed Neil Lennon sent him packing earlier than expected.

Timo had been training with the team all week in the lead up to the Glasgow Derby but when news dropped he would be heading to the Under-20 World Cup with the USA, Neil Lennon told the player to ‘collect his things and go now’.

This has sparked an angry reaction from some Celtic fans who believed the attacking midfielder deserved better than that on his way out the door.

The Irishman could have let the player stay until the weekend was over, even if he wasn’t going to be in the matchday squad. However, it sounds like Lennon was happy to cut ties unceremoniously with the PSG player. Surely there’s more to it than what Timo wrote.

Weah sent a heartfelt thanks and praise to the Celtic support as he exited Lennoxtown for the final time. It looks like the weeman will play his football elsewhere next season.

Was Neil Lennon right to send Timo away early?


  1. Makes no odds either way, he has been good sub coming on but when starting games he’s been very poor. I’m no fan of Lenny but his priority has to be players who’ll be here next season full time so his decision makes sense to me.

  2. A caretaker manager shouldn’t be telling anybody to sling their hook,dropping him Burke and the right back just because they are on loan is bonkers.Why would weah miss out on the tournament to sit on the bench .Lennon has got to go


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