DEREK McInnes has weighed into the current football shutdown and the best way to bring the season to an end.

The Aberdeen manager has echoed the sentiments of almost everyone when he admits the best way to finish this season would be to get the games played, if possible.

However, the Dons boss knows ending the season on the field at this point looks very unlikely. That’s when McInnes is looking for common sense logic to come into it.

When you apply common sense to the outcome under the circumstances then he has no problem with Celtic being crowned champions.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound and cited by Record Sport, McInnes was clear and concise.

“If there’s a way this can be finished, we need to not give up on that too soon,” McInnes told BBC Sportsound.

“That is the hope, but we’re all realistic enough to know that, as the weeks go by, it’s becoming less likely.

“Ultimately, that decision will have to be made if this is going to continue as long as expected

“If Rangers and Celtic were closer to each other it’d be an even tougher decision.

“I think the likelihood is Celtic would go on and win the league.

“I think maybe that decision – if we can’t get the league finished – is, unless you’re a Rangers supporter, might be easier to deal with and see a lot of common sense in that.

Hearts still had the ability to get themselves out of trouble. Obviously, they’ve been bottom of the league for a while, or in and around it.

“I don’t want to see Hearts relegated. They’re a fantastic club who can offer so much to the league.

“The alternative, I’m sure everybody’s looking at it, there’s a few things on the table – whether it’s a 14-team league next season or whether we have to announce the champions and the team that’s relegated.

“The UEFA statement doesn’t help, trying to apply pressure. Dave spoke about that, the self-interest there is clear.

“I don’t think any federation should be penalised for doing what they think is fair and right for their country, including ours.”

He’s absolutely spot on, when it comes to who would be champions, it’s just common sense. The only people who will not believe that is an Ibrox club who watched their team absolutely implode since January.

Had they not collapsed then there would have been a harder question to be asked. The way it stands, Celtic are thirteen points clear at the top. The bhoys would need to at least drop ten points in the last eight games when they only dropped ten over 30 games so far. Couple that with the Ibrox club having to win all their remaining games for this also to be possible. It’s crazy to think anyone would seriously claim Celtic weren’t on their way to be champions.

Unless you’re a moon-howler.


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