NEIL LENNON has ridiculed Neil McCann for his Cup Final comments after the BBC pundit branded Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard disrespectful for scoring a Panenka.

The Frenchman stepped up against his former team-mate Craig Gordon and didn’t disappoint by lofting the ball into an empty net, leaving Gordon with a red face.

Craig was enraged by Eddy’s decision to take that route to goal, but it was the heat of the moment and his team just went two-nil down.

Neil McCann, however, removed from the situation said live on air it was selfish and disrespectful of Edouard to score the penalty the way he did.

Neil Lennon laughed it off and claimed McCann’s comments were complete and utter nonsense.

“You want me to caution Odsonne for scoring a penalty in a cup final? Come on.” Lennon told CelticTV.

“The Panenka has been around since 1976. I have seen great players doing it. I have seen Andrea Pirlo doing it against England.

“I don’t recall any of those individuals getting criticised or being called disrespectful.

“It’s complete and utter nonsense.

“You can’t ask anyone to warn a player after he’s scored a beautiful goal in an important game like a cup final.

“Don’t do that again Odsonne, because some people think it’s disrespectful!

“I’ve seen players blast it over the bar, hit the post, or scuff it.

“I’ve seen players miss penalties, Odsonne has this year, and I’ve seen goalies making good saves.

“That’s his way at that moment of assessing the situation and executing it.

“He has my blessing to do whatever he wants — as long as it hits the net.”

It was a classic cup final which will be talked about for years. Some great goals, a fightback and the frame of penalties. Craig Gordon did manage to save a Ryan Christie penalty during the shootout but Conor Hazard saved two and helped the Scottish champions retain their trophy.

It was a momentous day in Celtic’s history and that might have gotten to some pundits in the end.


  1. McCann, is a bitter and twisted individual, an average player in his time, a proven failure as a manager, and a wee nyaff and a pundit. Martin O’Neill got it spot on, a Poundland Pundit from the basement. Thanks Martin.


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