BRENDAN RODGERS was his calm and collected self this afternoon after just watching his side dismantle a Ross County side bereft of any sort of class.

The Irishman fielded questions from the media after the game, and of course, it was only a matter of time before we had a question about the Ibrox club.

The Celtic Manager’s knocked the question out of the park with this answer.

‘COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT’ being the keywords.

Why anyone in the media room would even think that Celtic needed any more impetus to go and get the three points today. What’s even more laughable is the suggestion Celtic are still watching their back in someway when it comes to their Glasgow rivals.

Brendan Rodgers was spot on as usual.


  1. Why not ask about Aberdeen and Hibs? After all, they are the teams most likely to finish second and third. Maybe when Sevco go under again, they’ll stop asking stupid, irrelevant questions.

  2. These Hacks are merely looking for scandal and controversy to fill column inches because there are none of them could write a decent story without reference to quotes whether legitimate or otherwise
    BR has the measure of these parasites

  3. Want a laugh this Sunday morning, go on to Rangersmedia the old question of who will be the next manager is. The names suggested show what a bunch of delusional half-wits they really are. Michel Proudhomme, Frank de Boor and Giovanni van Bronckhurst (!) are all mentioned. One thing that is not mentioned is money. Where are they getting the money from? They really are the thickest low-life on the planet. 2 million for a manager, 15 millin for players , 4 million for the Close Brothers and 13 million for the share issue. That is over 30 million. No wonder they don’t understand that they are dead. Someone has suggested Warnock but why would Warnock leave Cardiff to come to Scotland and manage a penniless team but he would be funny. I can see Harry Redknapp getting the gig. They don’t want Stevie Clarke because he is a tarrier.

  4. Every single hack in this Mason infested Country,Is nothing more than a DelooDeid Sevconite.Sevco and there hoardes of idiocy seriously need a Reality Check,But it still wouldnt sink in to there heads.They are all living in Cookoo land.A 6 yr old club GoinFor55.Nothing Embarrasses Them.The Lying King for a chairman,Says everything Sevco are Really About.The Most Disgusting Corrupt Club (Clubs) to ever Play Footy in World Football.If it was upto SFA they would have a Euro License.After All its all there types at HunDen….Mon The HooPs.Smash 10 In A Row..HH


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