CELTIC have announced a treat for their CelticTV subscribers this Tuesday lunchtime as they confirm the match between Celtic and Sarajevo will be aired to ALL subscribers on CelticTV and not just for their customers outside the UK and Ireland.

It appears Celtic TV will be the only place to be when it comes to watching the game outwith being there in person. There are no plans to show it on Premier Sports and if you aren’t a subscriber inside the UK and Ireland a year long subscription would be needed in order to access the game.

Currently, it’s £50 for the year and that gets you all the game highlights and exclusive interviews etc.

Celtic TV has been underwhelming at times and the content they could produce vs the content they do produce is very stark. We have catalogues of DVDs which could be uploaded and streamed for all subscribers; watching old games, old documentaries about past triumphs etc. would certainly entice people to part with their cash.

Right now, the £50 fee is probably about right. If you do subscribe then you may just get another qualifier before the end of August.


  1. I have been an overseas CTV subscriber since the days of Channel67. I see a lot of moaning about the service, but honestly, I’ve only had a handful of streaming issues over the last 10+ years. The only thing I truly miss from the C67 days is Jim Craig. The man is a legend and would spend a lot of time putting together special content to share with viewers. Could they do more, yes, especially seeing as I pay well over the 50 for my service plan but, personally, I would rather have new content creation then DVD and archived seasons of matches.


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