Celtic have finally dipped into the PPV market and WILL offer the game to both Celtic and Dundee Utd fans on Sunday for a few of £12.99.

Celtic have yet to accommodate an away support this season with the opposition fans having no legitimate way to watch the game.

Dundee Utd contacted Celtic in a bid to work something out and it’s resulted in the club putting out the game on PPV.


Celtic could certainly use this model going forward. Other clubs have taken advantage of PPV streaming over the last 12 months. Livingston charged Celtic fans £20 at the weekend to watch the game on their feed.

There has to come a time when Celtic open their door to away fans. The red zone, implemented for safety reasons is displacing many supporters and the club say they can’t accommodate away fans because of it.

Surely the club must look at ways to get away fans back in the door. Football is best when both sets of supporters are inside the ground.


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