Celtic have today confirmed they are set to place a number of Jon-playing staff, including youth coaches on furlough as the football shutdown begins to bite.

The club make the move to make sure they can take advantage of the government scheme for workers during this difficult time.

The club have confirmed the staff will not be out of poker.

What is furlough?

It’s a temporary leave of absence for extenuating circumstances. The government announced help with funding staff of businesses who need to place people into furlough during this crisis.

A Celtic spokesperson told SunSport: “Like many organisations, due to the unprecedented challenges currently being faced, Celtic will be using the government job retention scheme available, in relation to a number of colleagues.

“At this time, Celtic will ensure that each colleague on this scheme will receive 100 per cent salary, with all other conditions and benefits remaining unchanged.

“Other colleagues will continue to work as normal to cover the club’s ongoing operational requirements.

“Celtic would like to sincerely thank each and every member of staff for all their continued efforts and their tremendous support during such a difficult time for everyone.”

The club is not immune to what’s going on in the footballing world. When you see the likes of Barcelona and Juventus cut their cloth, Celtic need to put measures in place to ensure they are in the best possible place for when football does come back.

Many Scottish clubs are struggling much more than Celtic. Aberdeen and Hearts two of the most vocal clubs about their current financial plight.

For Celtic, wage cuts or deferrals for executives and playing staff is very much on the table.


  1. I must say clubs are not slow with tax payers money , and rangers that paid none are at the front of the que this government grant is good,but will like to see how long it takes these same clubs pay out rebates to there fans in season tickets refunds

  2. I for 1 dont want a rebate from the club,I want the club to be in its strongest position when football restarts , if that means me not taking a rebate helps then great,I only hope Peter gives up his bonus this year to help.


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