CELTIC drop into the Europa League play-off now and will have the chance to qualify for the group stage of the competition.

While the Europa is treated as a second-rate competition and fans won’t be enthused at this moment in time about the prospect of a run in the tournament – it’s worth noting that should Celtic get there, investment will be needed in order for Celtic to be competitive.

Here is a list of the teams already confirmed for the group stage.

As you can see there are some mouthwatering ties that could happen.

Some really hard games in store should Celtic manage to get into the group stage. Of course, Celtic may miss some of these teams, depending on how the club is seeded but the reality is – if Celtic don’t invest we could come up very short in a ‘second rate competition’.


  1. There is no such thing as a mouthwatering tie in the Europa league.
    I’m not spending any money on tickets for it.
    It’s a tournament that only small clubs are content to be in.
    We are only in it because of a lack of investment, and possibly foresight from the management team.
    Why wasn’t a centre half tip of Rodgers list? Did he honestly believe that dudryck, bozo and slack hendry were good enough to compete in Europe and go for another domestic treble?
    Anyone calling for his sacking is a f()cking idiot, but he isn’t blameless in this mess.

    • How do you know there wasn’t a centre half on Brendans’ shopping list for this window? I believe there was. We can’t compete with the Megabucks money of the EPL sadly and that does hamper Celtic somewhat. Nonetheless we still should should be stronger in defence. EVERYONE has to take thier share of blame in this but what kind of supporter are YOU? I will be there supporting my team no matter what!

  2. Celtic supporters should not be looking at the Europa League as a second rate competition,back in 2003 a team with Larsson,Sutton,Lennon,Lambert and a number of other great Celts took us to one of the great nights in recent Celtic history in Seville,unfortunately we came up against a young manager called Jose mourinho and the gamesmanship of his very good Porto side.With teams such as Arsenal ,Chelsea,ACMilan in the europa league this season we could still have some great European nights at Celtic Park. Upwards and Onwards.

  3. So Derek, a potential Europa League tie against Arsenal or Chelsea isn’t ‘mouthwatering’ enough for you? Your sense of self-entitlement stinks of Sevcoitis. We are not good enough for CL football, nor were we last year. The only reason we qualified for the EL was due to the fact that Anderlecht were in disarray when we played them away. How did our run in the EL go, by the way?

    Rodgers, I agree, is far from blameless. Five transfer windows have now passed and pinning the blame on Lawwell et al isn’t going to cut it. He signed Hendry, Hayes, Kouassi and how have they worked out? Not good enough to beat Hearts – our tactics that day were abysmal and MOTM was Gordon due to his 100% successful back pass rate to Hearts keeper.

    Do I want Rodgers sacked? Not a chance. He’s the best man for the job, without question. If his selection against Hearts was two fingers up to the board then he was either reckless or selfish. No man is bigger than Celtic. He knows that which makes recent comments/selections/inaction all the more confusing.

    For quite some time we’ve had things our own way, we’re going through a rough patch. How we come out of it will define the next few seasons, even then we need to be constantly evolving.

    However, always remember, you were alive when the Huns died!!!

  4. Celtic need to get five players moved out as soon as,then bring in season harden players not just for the Europa League but for our own League they got just under three weeks to do it they need to start now.
    As for the CL you will never do much if your team is full of under 21 players and young lads seasoned pros would have done it last night the time is now bring in the players now.

  5. We r out off champions league because of 3 x defensive errors simple.wee need a quality CB and RB………every 1 and there granny can c it!!!!! Obviously the board r on an other planet.

  6. In my opinion the keeper should have been out for the cross ball at the second goal,he is 6ft 3,put his arms up ,9ft 3,jumps 1ft,10ft 3,but stays on line waiting to try and save,any high ball into 6 yard area should be his,is it the coaching?as for his distribution….

  7. blaming Boyata when he never played due too ,that awful world cup is stupid,the blame lies completely with the scrooges on the board

  8. Sorry to be pessimistic but I am willing to bet we won’t see those areas mentioned strengthened. It will be the usual make do with what we’be got.


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