If you’re on Twitter, just a little heads up this evening, the Albian Ajeti account which only popped up after he signed for Celtic has been confirmed as fake.

Someone has made up the account and pretended to be the Celtic striker for reasons we can’t quite grasp.

It was quite clear the account looked dodgy but if you were in any doubt, Celtic TV presenter, Gerry McCulloch made it clear this evening.

So if you’re following the account, please unfollow and don’t give it the time of day.

There has been instances of this in the past, the most recent before Ajeti was Hatem Elhamed. People clearly seek out players who aren’t on twitter and try to imitate them.

Ajeti is on Instagram for anyone who wishes to follow the striker online.

The Swiss frontman bagged his second goal for Celtic against Motherwell, grabbing the second of the game in a 3-0 win, effectively securing the points.

UPDATE: The owner of the page has pulled it from the social media site.


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