Just as the half time whistle blow and Celtic had managed to take the lead at Ibrox, a bottle was thrown by a home supporter into the Celtic technical area, hitting a Celtic physio.

We can confirm the picture below doing the rounds on social media is of the Celtic staff member AFTER he had received treatment for the injury.

It’s utterly despicable to throw any sort of a missile at people doing their jobs. What’s even more pathetic is this theme would continue throughout the second half as the home side trailed. Jota pelted with objects at a corner kick, the second half delayed because of broken glass bottles on the pitch and Celtic players ducking missiles as they celebrated with supporters at the end.

This can’t go unpunished. Celtic have confirmed the matter with the Celtic staff member is now with Police Scotland. The Rangers must act on this and totally condemn the shameful scenes at their ground on Sunday. It’s utterly shocking and telling they didn’t put something out yesterday in the immediate hours after the game.

Do the SFA have an appetite to hold the football club seriously accountable for this or are we about to see them duck for cover?

If Celtic aren’t satisfied with the outcome or the way the Ibrox club deal with these incidents, there’s absolutely no way any of their support should be inside Celtic Park after the split.


  1. Same here mate, the Sfa are in denial. FIFA know how to rein this type of shi7e in.
    Firstly home supporter ban, not fine nor points deduction. Then a fine and then a points/supporter ban for further non idiot control anywhere, anyplace.


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