Conor McGregor has again posted about potentially buying Celtic in the near future after there were reports the Irishman was seriously considering buying Chelsea.

The MMA fighter replied to a post about the Chelsea rumour, dropping Celtic’s name in there and making it clear he wants to own a ‘football franchise’ in the future.

Conor has been seen in Celtic shirts before and has become friends with former Celtic defender Kieran Tierney.

The fighter’s bombastic persona means a lot of Celtic fans wouldn’t be too thrilled with the fighter having any big say in our club.

There are some who would just be glad to have a change from the status quo. Going from Dermot Desmond to Conor McGregor as a majority shareholder would be a massive change.

The only thing I think the two share in common is their nationality.

Dermot has been in control of the club for years and Celtic fans are trying to mobolise through The Celtic Trust to have a bigger say in the club.


  1. If anybody out there has any complaints about Stonner owning the largest part of the Cfcplc pie. They can fight him now. Or like Dermo fight him because he is a pensioner. Maybe Stonner should buy some CFC shares, then work his way up to ” TOTAL DOMINATION “

  2. This muppet needs to stay away from our club. He literally shat on Celtic in an interview years ago. Get this guy to fck.


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