CONOR McGregor has interacted with Celtic fans over the years, from applauding their UFC inspired banner to telling them he can play centre back and the fighter wearing his gifted Celtic jersey in a public training session. 

The UFC fighter has struck up a friendship with Kieran Tierney and it was the Celtic left-back who gifted him that famous Hoops jersey in the first place.

Speaking about his injury to the SunSport, the Celtic defender explained how the UFC fighter helped him through his injury hell which kept him sidelined from action for three months and how Conor had helped him get back quicker.

During his injury, it was always unclear when the defender would be back in action because his injury was all about resting and then strengthening. 

Tierney credits Conor McGregor with helping him through the injury period.

Throughout my injury Conor McGregor was brilliant with me,”  Tierney explained.“He has a programme he does on the Watt Bike that helped him get fit, and he was giving me tips on that, which was great. Conor’s my biggest hero outside of football so it was amazing.”

“I was doing work with the Celtic physios anyway, but I found out what Conor’s programme was on the bike, and had a look to see if it was similar.

“I was still doing Celtic’s programme but the tips from Conor helped too. I don’t know how my results compared to his, but it was pretty good.

Celtic finally have one of their top stars back and will be thankful Conor helped Kieran through his injury.

The Irishman may be a showman but he certainly is humble when it comes to helping fellow athletes.



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