The Herald is reporting that Copenhagen player Michael Santos and a Copenhagen coach has been charged by Police Scotland during an altercation when the player was celebrating a goal ag Celtic Park.

The bhoys crashed out of the competition after a woeful night at Celtic Park. Copenhagen players, clearly delighted went over to their support to celebrate the pivotal second goal just minutes after Celtic had equalised.

Santos runs into Police and there appears to be an altercation in the moment.

Police Scotland have confirmed to the Herald that the player has been bizarrely charged for the incident.

This has to be up there with one of the most ridiculous things we’ve heard when it comes to football. Surely there was a misunderstanding or things could have been cleared up behind the scenes before a charge was brought to anybody.

It’s a strange one and we’ll see how this pans out, and if UEFA will end up punishing Copenhagen for this.


  1. Police Scotland are embarrassing themselves.
    The police officer instigated this altercation by laying hands on the player who was merely celebrating. What happened to democracy?
    Very poor! We do not present a good view to the civilised world.
    This could have been dealt with more delicately.


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