CHRIS SUTTON was Celtic’s biggest critic last night but the former Celtic Striker was quick to put some Ibrox fans back in their place after they were watching Celtic in Europe.

The team fell very short of expectations on the night in Russia. While it’s disappointing, Celtic managed a third place finish when they were seeded fourth in the Champions League and gave themselves a chance last week with a top performance at home.

Scotland’s other sides did not fair so well this year and Chris just wanted to draw that to some ‘peepels’ attention.

Celtic go into a game with Aberdeen on Sunday nine points ahead of both them and Rangers. It will be up for the players to pick themselves up as they look to wrap up another title and perhaps another treble.


  1. Good slap down by Sutton. He speaks the truth and from the heart too. We need to work out what our level in Europe really is, was it last Thursday or last night? The trouble with Celtic for me is that we have a young team that won’t be together to long and we will sell and invest lightly. That said we got thumped a few years ago with the best defender in the world inn our back 4!We need to consider buying players with a bit more experience with less resale (if any) value if we want to progress in either European tournament, ala O’Neills team in 2003. Relying on the young guys isn’t going to work, experience for them…yes advancement for Celtic…likely not!


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