CELTIC and Brendan Rodgers have reportedly been alerted to the fact former Celtic midfielder Ki-Sung-Yeung has entered the final six-months of his Swansea contract.

The South Korean is yet to put pen to paper on a new deal with the Welsh club and sighted he would not enter negotiations while the clubs Premier League status was under threat.

Ki who was signed by Neil Lennon was sold in 2012 for around £6million when then boss Michael Laudrup was looking for a dynamic midfielder. Fast forward to now and Ki has been a great servant for Swansea.

However, could the mad midfielder be set for a Celtic reunion with some unfinished business at the Scottish Champions?

The players market value if he was under contract would be upwards of £10million. The only outlay Celtic would need to make is the 28-year-olds wages. With Stuart Armstrong’s future set to be under the spotlight again come the summer, would Ki be a player Brendan Rodgers would like in his side?

Ki has a big soft spot for Celtic and the fans and could the timing be right for his return?

He is certainly a Brendan Rodgers sort of player! Would you like to see Ki back?




  1. Its time for the board to stop selling our good players off to other clubs why being in older players let’s get some youngplayers in we need decent players that want to play there hearts out not just to come and play because of the championship league or European games come on Celtic listen to the fans get them invoved with bringing in New players

    • Players will , in most cases, leave fir the EPL if the chance arises. It’s a bigger stage than we can offer , it’s THE global league at this time. Even fleeting CL games are in themselves unlikely to be enough reason for players wanting to stay . There will be exceptions of course but as big a club as we are English football is simply ginormous and the lure is incredible.

    • We don’t actually NEED anybody but if we want to improve then if a player better than we currently have becomes available then we have to consider him, I don’t believe Ki is such s player but I do believe McGinn is. McGinn could also help fill browns boots imo, if the captain was taken out of this current team the team would buckle . I think McGinn could play alongside SB but could also plug the gap that would occur should SB be missing.

  2. Won’t negotiate with Swansea while their EPL status is umder threat, but will happily negotiate with an SPFL club? Aye ok then. We don’t need him anyway.

  3. He is nothing, never rated him when he was at Celtic either. half arsed his way through games. never consistent and was prone to giving away stupid free kicks and fouls

  4. Drop this story and no more comments , it’s had a day of doing the rounds and we are wasting energy and time even thinking about it, it’s bollocks

  5. We Need Defenders And Yet Big Eric Has Been Told To Go And Find Another Club, I And Other Supporters Like The Big Man And Even Thought One Day He Could Become Captain Of Our Great Club, But It Is Not To Be !!!

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