Lyons bid to get the French league restarted has failed but a ruling has been out in place to stop the suspension of Amiens and Toulouse.

The league was called in May with PSG becoming champions. Lyon challenges the ruling and took their case to the Conseil d’État.

They ruled the league cannot be restarted but that relegating clubs was suspended for now.

Why are we reporting on this?

The ruling could have major implications for leagues which were called because of the virus.

Hearts, as it stands, will be relegated to the championship failing reconstruction. However, Ann Budge has said on several occasions she would explore legal options if reconstruction is taken off the table.

Any legal action could delay the season which is due to start in August and even prompt emergency reconstruction if a ruling like the one in France takes place.

Celtic are supposed to be back training on Wednesday with August being the focus. This ruling could have major implications even if it has come from France.


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