SCOTT BROWN took a sore one today after Ross County Andrew Davies took a cowardly kick at the Celtic captain while he was already on the ground.

Having already been fouled Davies then stamped on Scott Browns nether regions prompting the referee to send the player off in disgrace.

Having been up close, Stuart Armstrong made a quick dart towards Davies who quickly hid behind his teammates and the referee.

An outrageous act of thuggery by the County player and a challenge that should see him in the dock for further punishment according to the Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers.

Scott Brown has become a target for the phoney hard men of Scottish Football but no matter how much they dish out, Scott gets up and shakes it off.


  1. The Embarrassment that is Scottish Football,Bad Loser,Cant take a beating and obviously was out to injure Broony.No doubt the Hun hoardes will idolise this Clown.Just get 10 In A Row and shut these Animals Up 4 Good…HH

  2. Davies is a coward. He epitomises the term “thug” more than most other of his ilk in the premier league. It’s time Tony Mac down at Hampden threw the book at this piece of cowardly sh*t. His manager called him a “pro”, no fella, he’s nothing less than a thug!
    I wonder what his wife and kids will think of his act of thuggery?

  3. If he thinks that kicking a man on the ground in the baws will get him known as a hard man, he’s wrong, just a hard on !
    Hail Hail

  4. The soft lad rarely finishes 90 minutes one way or the other. Usually a passing breeze will ensure an injury requiring him to leave the pitch. Some captain eh.. He is a cardboard cutout footballer … should be a good fit over at Ibrox once County go down

  5. His shameful actions were those of a coward.
    Davies has brought shame on his family and his club.
    This action was indefensible, but it will be interesting to see how it is dealt with by the authorities.
    Levein is not innocent either for his comments.
    Both Levein and “Dirty” Davies have problems and need help urgently.


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