KIERAN TIERNEY has been asked again about the Brendan Rodgers departure as we head to nearly a month since he left for Leicester.

The defender admits the departure hit him hard because of how quickly it happened.

Tuesday morning they (Celtic squad) found out the boss wasn’t at Lennoxtown when they turned up for training and by midday, it was all but confirmed Brendan was off to Leicester without talking to any of his players or looking him in the eye – apart from Scott Brown.

When you think about that, it’s pretty cold and some people will tell you ‘that’s football’ but the way the Irishman laid it on thick to supporters and the players about his ‘roots’ at Celtic and how he was a fan etc etc. it really did feel like a bereavement in the family when he walked out on us. That was just fans who felt that, think of the hopelessness of a squad who also bought into what this man was saying to them.

Speaking about the departure Kieran said :

“Was I surprised? Yeah, because it all happened overnight,” Kieran told Leicester live.

“We woke up in the morning and it was all over the papers and everybody was talking about it.

“We went up to Lennoxtown and the next thing we know we’ve got a new manager.

“Listen, Brendan gave us so much success and it’s hard the way it’s all happened because players are all supporters of the club as well.”

“We’re fighting for the badge. It’s hard for the players and it’s hard for the fans

“The most important thing for us all is to get behind the team and the management staff now.

“That’s what’s going to take us forward and that’s what we need to concentrate on.

“It’s been fun and exciting to work under Neil Lennon so far.

“I’ve not seen him [Rodgers] since. I had a few text messages just after he left but that’s it.”

Kieran did not mention if he texted the manager back. There would be part of some of the players who would have felt abandoned by the manager so you can’t blame them if they chose to ignore his cowardly texts. Still, there have been very few who have spoken out in a positive manner on social media since Rodgers’ departure.

Kieran has already been linked with a reunion with his former Celtic boss next season.



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