Like many Celtic fans I believe we’ve got a bargain signing in Craig Gordon.

He has shown good form already this season, and took command of his area very well during the Aberdeen game on Saturday BUT I must admit he also gives me cause for concern sometimes.

Craig is a great shot stopper and can pull something out the bag when you need him to but the things that worries me is his technique and lack of ability to hold onto the ball. Since he took over from Fraser Forster there has been more than a handful of occasions where he has made a good initial save but in doing so has palmed the ball right back into the danger area. Thankfully none of these palmed balls have resulted in a goal for the opposition but it seems only a matter of time before an opportunistic opponent gets a goal this way. As I scrolled through my twitter feed after the game on Saturday and seen the praise for Gordon I asked myself am I the only one that’s seeing this?

Now, I’m not saying that these things can’t or don’t happen on occasion. Of course a goalkeeper won’t be able to keep every shot from bouncing back into his own box but if it’s a regular occurrence then it’s a cause for concern. You can only hope when it does happen that you’re already a few goals to the good and it’s not a big deal.

As I said, I’m a Craig Gordon fan but I hope he cuts out these silly errors, working with Stevie Woods will definitely help in that regard.

He has many Celtic fans praising him so far. The way he comes for high balls and commands his area is something the fans want to see in their goalkeeper.

I’m very confident Craig Gordon will be an overall success at Celtic Park but there may be a few bumps along the way.



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