CRAIG GORDON has hit back at former Celtic striker turned media pundit Chris Sutton after the Englishman singled him out for criticism last week.

The invincible shot-stopper has been left baffled by some of Sutton’s statement and believes the pundit is getting personal.

Gordon was quick to point out his achievements with the club.

“My record against any other Celtic goalkeeper would stand up in terms of wins. The last time I lost a domestic game was against Aberdeen about a year and a half ago.

“I think he goes over the top at times and I know I’m not the only one to perceive that. There are other guys in our squad who receive as much, if not more, criticism than me.

“I’m not sure it’s a personal thing, but it seems to be.

“This is now my fourth season. I don’t agree with an awful lot of what he says, but I suppose that’s the case for half the players in Scottish football. I’m not alone.”

Chris Sutton is a highly controversial figure within Scottish football and doesn’t hold back with his opinions. One thing the pundit does pride himself on is not being a lapdog for any club regardless of affiliation like Derek Johnstone etc. – If he has an opinion on you, positive or negative, you’re going to hear about it.


  1. Sutton is not a Celtic man, he is a self publicist trying to forge a career in journalism where sadly he is being given unwarranted credibility by some parts of mainstream media. Craig Gordon is a first class goalkeeper in the position with arguably the highest level of scrutiny. He has proven his worth at key times in many matches and Sutton needs to focus his unwanted and unwarranted attention elsewhere before he really turns Celtic fans off.

    • In what sense is Sutton not a ‘Celtic man’? He was a totally committed and very skilful player who could play competently as a striker, midfielder or central defender. He was Martin O’Neill’s best signing and never let us down. Certainly he is not a sycophant and has the confidence and clarity of thought to say what he thinks, in contrast to too many pundits who seem unwilling to say anything controversial for fear of giving offence. I don’t necessarily go along with all his criticisms of Gordon, who has been a fine goalkeeper for us, but he is not above criticism, as the goal conceded against St. Johnstone, which seemed to be down to a complete lack of concentration, showed.

  2. Yes Craig has made a mistake or two but no need to be finger pointing the lad came in when we had a problem and has a quieted him self well that’s my point off view. As for Mr Sutton has he not made a few mistakes in his career so Gerry who would be your first choice old boy ?


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