CRAIG GORDON is all in with Hearts and to prove it, he wants to play his part in last season’s Scottish Cup games which are still to be played.

We have contacted the SFA to ask if players like Craig Gordon and Jonny Hayes would be prevented from playing in the tournament as they belonged to other clubs in the competition last season.

Jonny Hayes seems cut and dry as he got minutes on the field for Celtic in the cup. Craig Gordon was an unused substitute and we’re not sure how that will be viewed.

Presumably, if Celtic sign any players between now and the games going ahead, they would be allowed to play them. Currently, there’s a chance if Celtic and Hearts got through to the final, Gordon could line up in goals against his old side and could stop Celtic winning a quadtreble which would be a story in itself.

Speaking about the possibility, Gordon would relish the chance to win a cup with Hearts and knock Celtic out:

“I would be doing everything I could to win the game for Hearts and be successful for our team here.” Gordon told RecordSport.

“Everybody seems to worry about playing against ex-teams, but I would not worry.”

Gordon isn’t cup-tied as he was only involved in the 2019-20 competition for the Hoops as an unused sub.

He said: “I tried everything I possibly could when I was at Celtic to beat Hearts in those games and I would do exactly the same against Celtic now.

“I think people will look too much into that and say, ‘The player’s not being respectful’.

“But you must go out to try and win the game.

“I’ve always done the best I possibly could in every single game to make sure my team wins.

“There would be absolutely no problem playing against Celtic and trying to beat them.”


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