Craig Levein has sunk further than perhaps ever before as he wanted to dispute and discredit a Celtic striker and debate whether they were own goals by his own players.

The Hearts manager looked bereft of ideas as his side punted the ball out for a throw in more times than we care to remember. He set up his team to kick the ball out for a throw in from kick off in some outstandingly poor attempt to get into Celtic’s half from the off – it didn’t work.

Celtic didn’t need to get out of second gear to deal with Hearts and that’s the long and the short of it for the Jambos fans who came and passively watched their team put on a stinker.

Instead of addressing the issues with his team, Levein would go on the offensive (there’s a first time for everything) and have a go at people crediting Bayo for a double when he wants his players credited.


  1. So,they ‘assisted’ us in scoring our goals did they ?
    Stone-faced bastard Levein is…grey sandstone faced cunt. The greyest fucking dampest,most miserable grey piece of shit bastard ever…fucking unsporting colourless grey, miserable-as-toothache,big fucking grey rat.

    Just in case you can’t tell ,he’s not a favourite of mine.

  2. Does Levein know which “TOE” the ball came off, Because both feet has five toes, So does that mean the ball went into the back of the net 5 times of each toe or was it just one toe the ball came off, This could be a good question for a football quiz game called “OFF THE TOE” 🤣🤫🤣


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