Former Hearts and Scotland manager, Craig Levein has claimed that both Rangers and Celtic ’call the shots’ in Scotland and even said that both played a part in the relegation of the Edinburgh side last season.

As reported by the Glasgow Times, Levein said it was ’unfair’ the influence that both sides have on the league and the Hoops even played a part in Hearts being relegated.

“I’m fed up with the two of them. Honestly, it’s all people think football is in Scotland, and the Press play up to it all the time.

“This whole stuff last season with Hearts getting relegated was nonsense, an absolute nonsense, and part of it was to do with Celtic getting the title so that they could try and break this record of nine-in-a-row.

“I just can’t be bothered with it. For a while, David Murray ran Scottish football and Rangers were calling all the shots and getting all the good publicity and now I think Celtic are doing exactly the same.

“They call the shots with all the big decisions in Scotland and I think it’s really unfair. So I can’t be bothered with the nonsense.”

To be claiming some sort of conspiracy is absolutely ridiculous from Levein. The main reason Hearts were relegated because they were the worst team in the league and he played a part in that as a manager at the start of the season.

This ground has already been covered far too much, over the summer after a controversial vote took place with saw them relegated to the Championship.

At the end of the day, every club had to agree on the season-ending and it was clear that these games were not able to be played, so why is he still going on about this.

In no way are Celtic involved in some sort of ‘conspiracy’ with the SPFL or SFA about any decisions being made and there are no reasons for Levein to be making these statements.


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