CRAIG LEVEIN has sparked controversy by inferring that Scott Brown went out his way to make sure Harry Cochrane felt the full force of the Celtic Captain.

Speaking after the game, Levein was coy but believed Broony had set an agenda with regards to his player after the Tynecastle meeting.

“I think in the last game, Harry had a really good match and on a few occasions, he got the better of Scott Brown.

“I think Scott had made his mind that Harry wasn’t going to do that again tonight”

When asked to elaborate on these comments Levein said.

“I’m not saying there were any particularly wild challenges.

“He certainly had it in mind.

“I think everybody should get a little bit more protection from Scott Brown.”

Celtic ran out comfortable 3-1 winners against Hearts on Tuesday night, clear sour grapes from the Hearts manager.

It’s astonishing that he would target the Celtic captain in this way, a man who has only had five red cards in his ten years at Celtic.



  1. yes sour grapes , scott has always been a great captain and player for our great club , does he want him to come out and lay down , dont think so , its a mans game , and contact sport , so think he is feeling a little let down by hid teams performance , but then they where outclassed god bless our great bhoys our fantastic manager brendan and our wonderfull supporters ,

  2. Natural order restored then craig,Hammerthrowers fc tried and failed to have KT removed from the pitch by any means,suck it up Mr 4-6-0 ya fud and an angry fud at that…….Hail Hail

  3. I think Levein is being selective. The boy Cochrane had a wee nip at Broonie in the opening minutes he got what he deserved. He picked a fight woth the wring guy. Brendan should counter with the lunges on KT during the game. Not the first time he has been targeted in the league this season.

  4. Used to rate Levein,Hearts turn around since he took over evidence of his managerial skills,even thought he got a bad time from smsm during his time as Scotland manager.
    But he has taken a massive dive in my estimations with his veiled attack on Brown
    Scott is a hard,no nonsense player,one every club needs and wants in their team.
    He is not,as Levein is trying to insinuate,with his “i think everybody should get a little bit more protection from Scott Brown” statement,a dirty player.
    Levein is clearly trying to put pressure on referees by inciting,and fanning the flames of the Brown hate mob within the rest of Scottish football when ever Brown goes within arms length of one of their favourites.
    It smells of sour grapes to me,after watching his side being outplayed and dominated for long spells on Tuesday.

  5. I think the pressure must be getting to Levein. I wonder if he will be cited for bringing the game into disrepute? Probably not. It’s just a pity he can’t be cited for hypocrisy when he puts out the most dangerous player on the park with licence to maim ,( Lafferty.)

  6. A pathetic comment from a pathetic manager of a pathetic team who have the most pathetic player ever seen in the professional game in K. Laffable. Now, there is a clown the game should be protected from!
    Is Levein just jealous of the fantastic, honours strewn career Broonie’s had as opposed to the absolute no-mark, nothing worth talking about career he’s had? I think so.
    Compare 2 dvd’s……The Football Lives of S. Brown and C. Levein. One, an action packed 2 hour football fest. The other… A blank disc!

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