CRAIG LEVEIN can’t seem to get over his fixation with Scott Brown.

Last week we heard the Tynecastle manager take a swipe at the Celtic Captains approach on the field – citing players need more ‘protection’ from him.

This week, after Brown suggesting he got booked at Kilmarnock with his first foul as a direct result of Levein’s intervention – the Hearts boss accused Scott of getting booked on purpose.

“I think if you look and see if Scott didn’t get booked against Kilmarnock last week and he got booked against St Johnstone then he would have missed the Rangers game. I’ll leave you to deduce what that means.”

“I’m just pointing out one thing, that’s all, I’m just pointing it out as a retort to his statement last week that it was me that got him booked.”

These comments from a former Scotland manager and current top flight boss are nothing short of embarrassing.

Scott Brown has clearly got under his skin. The very fact that he’s looked that information up and came loaded with it for his press conference is pretty amusing.


  1. This muppet doesn’t know when to shut up. Bottom of the fair play list he keeps going on and on about Scott Brown. Maybe if he paid as much attention to his own players they wouldn’t be so far behind Celtic. It’s just another way the SMSM are trying to unsettle our players, if they can’t sell them on they’ll write nonsense about them from a rentamouth like levein. Hail Hail

  2. think he just lokes to hear the sound of hie own voice , water of a ducks back as far as our broony is concerned . yep cant keep a good man down lv you broony great captain

  3. Is the same thug Levein who physically assaulted an opposition player a number of years back and was banned for 10 games.Should keep his mouth shut

  4. Joe,Levein wasn’t given that 10 game ban for assaulting an opposing player,that particular ban was handed out for punching Graeme hogg,who was actually one of his Hearts team mates,i may be wrong but i’m sure the match was even a pre season friendly!!I would be confident to wager that if Brown’s and Levein’s disciplinary records were compared,Levein would have the poorer record.
    If Levien’s ridiculous accusation that Broony did make sure he got booked last week against Kiilie,rather than be available for the next league game against St Johnstone next week,where a booking would have him miss the Ibrokes game then all i can say is WAY TO GO BROONY, COYBG and HAIL HAIL

  5. levein is an out and out twat, he should keep his gob shut or he might meet Broony in the tunnel the next time they meet and Boony will shut it for him , arsehole. COYBIG hail Hail

  6. I think Levein just likes to be in the limelight (he was so long out of the football scene it hurt) (a publicity junkie) He only has his current job because of his “friendship” with Hearts owner as no one else would employ him as a manager after his stint as an international manager was a disaster 🙂


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