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Ex-Ibrox defender Craig Moore has scoffed at the suggestion a Europa League win can eclipse a European cup triumph no matter how you slice it.

Kevin Thomson gleefully claimed in the Daily Record if the Ibrox club were to win the Europa, it would somehow put the Lisbon lions down the pecking order.

It’s an embarrassing stance, even if you’re a Gers fan. The debate has two layers to it; their constant need to hold their accomplishments up to Celtic and compare and the very notion anyone, anywhere else in football would make such a claim would be met with hilarity.

Not in Scotland though, it’s printed in their papers.

Craig Moore couldn’t begin to get on board with Kevin’s blinkered take on what would constitute the better achievement speaking to Go Radio,

We’re not trying to diminish any clubs European run or silverware in the competition but in 2003, had Celtic won the UEFA Cup, it would have been the Hoops second best triumph.

To make out it would be anything other than would have been embarrassing and disrespectful.

I understand rivalry and the need to play down what your fierce rivals achieve, but when it flies in the face of logic and goes into the territory of ridiculous – it’s time to assess the way you think.


  1. The only thing that would come close is them actually winning the CL. They know that is never going to happen so they have to delude themselves with this pish.
    Just goes to show that Deludemol addiction may not be fatal but definitely severely destroys what little mental faculty may have previously existed…


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