PETER LAWWELL came out and apologised for the Dubai debacle on Wednesday evening but the 4 minute video did little to quell the anger of the supporters who have watched their historic season disintegrate due to sheer incompetence.

While Peter did apologise for the Dubai trip, which was more than needed! He queued up excuses at to why Celtic are in such a bad place.

The Celtic CEO believes the club have been hurt more than most by the pandemic and they’re fighting on to get back to winning ways as soon as possible.

Some fans see this as an insincere PR exercise from the club with pre-planned questions and dealing with very little with out current reality.

The apology has been branded ’empty’, ‘criminal’ and without action.

Celtic are toiling and it appears after this video, Peter Lawwell puts it mostly down to the pandemic. If that’s the case, Celtic fans should be worried about the immediate future and beyond. There’s clearly more at play here and Peter Lawwell has been idle all season while the fans have been crying out for action.


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