In what has to be the most tinpot move we’ve witnessed in some time from the Ibrox club – they’ve actually made t-shirts to sell for winning the Scottish Cup.

These kind of things are usually limited to smaller clubs who don’t usually win much or considered themselves a big side – when they lift a cup trophy – it’s a big deal and they commemorate it with a T-shirt.

One can only assume they had thousands of blue t-shirts in the expectation they won a certain midweek game and are now trying to pull back some of their cash.

Celtic release a league title t-shirt every time they win the league which is the norm and fair play after besting every other club in the country. They have also printed them for a treble, double treble, treble treble and quadruple treble. But for a single solitary Scottish Cup at the end of a season you’re fanbase we’re convinced could win the treble.

Tinpot club, tinpot mentality. Brilliant stuff.


  1. Deerie me. I thought the amount of posts they’ve put up in 24 hours about being the ”Scottish ‘cup’ Champions” was tinpot, but this is next level. They’ve been in the wilderness so long that they’re bustin nuts all over the place touching a boob for the first time in ten years.


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