The Scottish mainstream media are at it again.

Their relentless pursuit of Celtic and Brendan Rodgers continues unabated, giving free reign to the likes of Kris Boyd and the performing monkey, Charlie Nicholas to try and stir up trouble and undermine our club.

That does not mean, however, that we don’t need to look critically at what’s happening at Celtic.

The fact is we have had an abysmal start to the season, as you’ll know by now, or would have guessed, the worst start to a Premier League campaign in 20 years. There is no doubt that the goings on behind the scenes have had a negative impact on the players, following what was one of the worst transfer windows in living memory.

Losing Dembele on the last hours of the window, the Boyata debacle, the financial hesitation that cost us John McGinn, the failed bid for Ntcham and Brendan Rodgers statement about only being a ‘coach’ have all had a serious affect on the mood surrounding the club. Going out of the Champions League and a series of very poor results domestically are proof that all is not well.

To compound things Rodgers statement last week when he appeared to ridicule Leigh Griffiths whilst singing the praise of a thug who had tried to cripple one of our players a few weeks previously did not go down well with supporters. Frankly, if Brendan had nothing good to say about the only striker who has scored goals for us of late, he would have been better saying nothing at all. The unity of the dressing room which so characterised the last two seasons was essential to our success.

The time is now, to stand together, stand united, and shut up the naysayers, the Boyd’s and the Nicolas’s, and indeed some, like Kris Commons, from whom we might have expected better.

I know it’s a cliche, but the next game is crucial.

Victory on Saturday against Aberdeen will mean that we end the week it a much better place than we started it. Anything less would represent another significant setback and put the cat among the pigeons. Can we do it? Can we turn things around? We can.  We didn’t suddenly become a bad team overnight. In my opinion, the best is yet to come.

It’s Aberdeen on Saturday, The only thing we need to do is start with our strongest 11, with “Griff ” leading the line and Rogic in the box. Ntcham owes us a good performance, and I think we might get it. Let’s hope so. Away the Bhoys!

Vincent Docherty



  1. You left out Chris Sutton
    He’s far and away the worst
    Over and over regurgitating the same old nonsense
    Starting to think he just loves the sound of his own voice
    It’s hard enough to watch the Famous Glasgow Celtic 1888 at the moment without him repeating the same thing every 2 minutes
    Change the record
    Hail Hail

  2. Its paper talk from silly people we are better than what we are playing like just now we know we can get better and we know we can beat every team in the league,but you know if we do over come this period and go on a winning run then nothing will stop us going for 10 send home the dead wood players and put them up for sale, then we need to see if our manager is a good manager or a legend he is the one that can bring the team together and play free from fear of losing last night showed the fight is back as they did keep it going to the end,now show us the skill you players have and bring the league home you all will become legends as you go for 10 get the biggest show on earth started bring us 8 send the message out we are back and we are one…

  3. Last night we saw proof if we ever needed it of the depths the handshakers are stooping to regarding Boyatas red card I am a lifetime Tim and it has gutted me the way our manager. Has been treated by the press and some so called fans recently ,Brendan Rogers is the BEST manager we’ve had a person who treats everyone with respect and dignity.It galls me when I hear calls for his resignation after TWO defeats this being such after winning the last six major trophies we have played for not with.standing going undefeated in a seasons league campaign lets all as the.Celtic family get behind in my opinion a true legend and give him our full support against the crooked set up.


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