As positive as I’ve tried to be this season I can’t help but feel let down by our team this afternoon as the first Scottish honour of the season is contested at Celtic Park with the bhoys no where in sight.

I find myself in a state of ambivalence as most seasons if we were to miss out on this trophy I wouldn’t see it as the end of the world. This season however it has perhaps took on a more significant role because the final takes place own our own turf.

It was a wet and windy night in Paradise when Morton came calling, a match that the players clearly thought they only had to turn up in order to win. A game in which Celtic should have coasted but never got going, an extra time penalty seeing us crashing out to a lower division side.

As I say I’ve always tried to stay positive this season when we have received set backs, but I have also criticised where I’ve thought we have not done ourselves justice. Not being in this final today is certainly one of them.

There is two very extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to some Celtic fans views. You have the eternal moaners who will tell us that this season has been shocking, Lennon should go etc. Then you have the fans that constantly back the team and get offended if they see a wry criticism make its way onto their twitter feed.

Neither is helpful to be honest.

A level headed is needed with regards to the overall picture of the season, we should never take for granted that winning the league is ‘no big deal’. We can only beat what’s put in front of us, if you lived through the 90s then you will realise that every title triumph should be celebrated regardless of the circumstances.

However, not being in today’s final cannot be excused. We have a good enough team to be challenging for this trophy and what adds insult to injury this afternoon as I watch Aberdeen and ICT fans fill our stadium is there will be no Scottish Cup Final redemption. In fact Celtic have failed to even make a semi-final of both domestic competitions. That’s why this season as a whole cannot be deemed a success no matter who tells us otherwise.

All we can do now is kick on and come back stronger in August.

I believe we will.



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