OLIVIER NTCHAM played the part of the unlikely Celtic villain as his first half antics put a major dent in his team’s chances at St Mirren Park.

The game which finished 0-0 was another instance of Celtic shooting themselves in the foot.

It was a frustrating, woeful performance from a Celtic side bereft of ideas when it came to breaking down an energetic, resolute and highly defensive St Mirren.

Olivier Ntcham got a yellow early on but his body language around the park was out of character, at one point giving verbal to Andrew Dallas when he sat on a yellow card already.

His sending off was the culmination of more than one challenge and the tackle which got him the second yellow was needless, in an area of the pitch where he just didn’t have to do it.

The Frenchman knows he’s better than that and so do every person who commented on social media. That’s why it’s so frustrating – the talented midfielder looked a million miles from himself and these fans have deemed his sending off daft on the Frenchman’s part.



  1. Every blames Cham but its Rodgers who is to blame, we have and needed a play-maker who can cjhange a game . Mulumba would have fitted the bill but Rodgers is happy to play accross the park back and forth I have followed Celtic since 1954 and they are slowest at attacking I can remember. When going forward have we have no visionary,s who can open a game, McGregor was a ghost and Rogic was poor we need a manager who can change a game with subistutes. Tierney told the bench he was injured and they ignored him.

  2. Celtic played 60 minutes with pass back and side passes. 8 minutes in with fouls, 6 min with corners 4 min with shys 12 min in attack inside 18 yard box,

  3. Must be another universe that I’ve seen Rogers change games with tactical move or substitution, he’s dun it plenty of times. The sideways passing only comes about when like tonight once again our much vaunted attacking players don’t look interested so the defenders need to keep the ball at times tonight rogic, mcgregor. Forrest, griffiths, Edouard and teirney looked totally uninterested in receiving a pass or creating space so defence and Brown then has to go sideways and back.

  4. Frank you make sum good points but since Rogers came I can give u numerous occasions brendan has made subs, changed tactics and its helped us win, so that argument definately doesn’t wash m8.

  5. The shape tonight was wrong, we lost KT all night due to it , accommodating new player , we were a man short before the sending off , ntcham , played left , not his position, Brown left to much defending role , we needed Sinclair wide , griff centre, Forrest right , also ajar wrong position, lustig was missed sorely , Brendan must stop experimenting on games he thinks r easy , points r going to early , also he looks like he wants out , only my opinion HH


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