Former Cluj boss, Dan Petrescu has spoke up about his current status with regards to taking on a new club.

The former Chelsea man walked out of Cluj after a breakdown between himself and people at the club.

He’s not working at the moment but did mention his hands are tied until the summer. Presumably because he’s still getting paid by Cluj or his contract is still in place.

The former Celtic conquerer did mention the Parkhead job when speaking to RecordSport:

“I had a personal problem and had to leave, unfortunately.

“I can’t coach for a while, after I solve my issue I will look to coach again. The owner (Berna Gozbasi) tried to convince me to stay but she understood after I told her what the problem was.

“I got along very well with her and I’m sorry I couldn’t finish what she started.

“I’m glad I left them in a better position than when I went there. I think this is the last time I go to a team in a relegation battle because it is a very difficult challenge.

“Even if we had 10 more points I’d have made the same decision. We got along very well, she gave me free reign in the transfer window.

“Even if Celtic were to call me I couldn’t coach now. I can say it’s 99 per cent certain I won’t be with any club until the summer.”

I don’t think there’s much chance of Dan being in the mix. Although nobody is certain what Dermot Desmond is thinking. We need a top coach, not a top manager, considering we’re looking to move to a Sporting Director setup.

When Dermot picks the manager, it’s usually someone known in British football and has worked here. He appointed O’Neill, Strachan and Rodgers. He approved Neil Lennon twice but that was after interim spells.

Are we looking at another well known coach from British football or do Celtic have a plan to go left field?


  1. Yes Mulder, Guess why you don’t have a job?? Defencive attackers. Don’t make good managers. If you learned to sit back a bit you would see the game open up to you. Simple stuff. Most managers today forget the simple things and wonder we’re they went wrong. But you lost consistantly. Find a tactician and coach. And your welcome to apply.


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