DANIEL ARZANI lifted the lid on a particular training session Armstrong Oko-Flex tried to nutmeg Celtic captain Scott Brown and even called it before he went to do it.

The result was Scott Brown giving the youngster a very harsh slide tackle as he acclimatised to training with the first team.

Arzani recalls the incident and claimed the training session had to be stopped because of the tackle. The Australian then said coaches warned Oko-Flex not to do that or Broony could ‘break his leg’. Something clearly lost in translation as this is clearly a wind up that Arzani may have perceived as a serious threat.

Speaking about the incident, Arzani said:

“Armstrong Okoflex – he came up for one session, I think he’s 16 (now 17).” he told OneFootball.

“He called nutmeg as well and he tried to nutmeg Broony, and Broony absolutely crunched him – it was bad.

“They kind of stopped the session as well, ‘you can’t do that’, and the coach got involved and stuff and was like, ‘if you do that, Broony’s going to break your leg’.

“He said: ‘If you do that I can’t stop Broony, he’s going to break your leg – it’s your choice if you want to do that’.

“I’ve not tried it and I’m glad I haven’t as well.”

Arzani did go onto praise his captain in the dressing room.

“He’s a good guy as well. Absolutely maniac on the field, like crazy, but in the changing rooms a top bloke – really easy going, really chilled.”

The way the youngster has described the training ground incident paints Brown and coaches in a bad light. The story is likely better told by Armstrong Oko-Flex or Scott Brown. The Celtic midfielder has been working on his coaching badges and helping with the developmental squad so it’s very likely Brown has a pre-existing relationship with Oko-Flex.


  1. And here YOU are telling the self same story that paints a poor picture of the coaches and Broony.
    New material must be thin on the ground ?


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