There are many boxers out there who have an affiliation with our great football club but not many could match Danny Bhoy O’Connors passion for Celtic.

The fighter hails from Boston which is famous for its Celtic roots. DannyBhoy has embraced these roots in and out of the ring and has gained a fantastic Celtic following not just because he wears a Celtic jersey to the ring, but because of his dedication, passion and desire to win resonates with so many in the Celtic Family.

Danny BhoyProudly Wears His Celtic Top After an In Ring Victory.
Danny Bhoy Proudly Wears His Celtic Top After an In Ring Victory.

Danny has a very strenuous training regime that would make most of us weep but there’s no complaining from the Boston Bhoy. He spends large amount of time away from his family when he’s training at his base in Texas. He understands what it takes in order to reach the top and has made huge sacrifices in order to climb the ladder.

The fighter knows all about the Celtic fans passion and got to witness at first hand on the 7th November 2012 when he managed to get over to Scotland for Celtic Vs Barcelona. He watched in awe as the 11 men on the park and 60,000 Celtic fans sank the best team in the land. It was a special night for everyone involved with Celtic.  Now that we have drawn Barcelona AGAIN maybe we should get him back over for good luck.

Danny at Celtic Park
Danny at Celtic Park

Danny can’t speak more highly of his fans and tries his best to reply to everyone who takes the time to tweet him. He is a gentleman whose ethos intertwines with the club. Danny Bhoy and Celtic were made for each other.

Here is our interview with the Boston Fighter.

Tale Of The Tape
Hometown: Framingham, MA
Date of Birth: March 30, 1985
Current Record: 20-1 (8 KOs)
Boxes Out Of: Plex Performance – Stafford, Texas
Trainer: Ronnie Shields
Height: 5’9″  Weight: 140 lbs.
Division: Light Welterweight
Stance: Southpaw
Titles: 2008 US Future Stars  National Champion (Outstanding Boxer Award), 2008 National Golden Gloves Champion
2008 Alternate US Olympic Boxing Team, 2007 US Olympic Trials Bronze Medalist


CAH: Hi Danny,

Thanks very much for taking the time out to let all at get to know you better.

Before we get to football and Celtic, I know you’ve a fight coming up very soon (which he won by DQ), can you tell us how the camp has been going and what you expect from this fight? Also, what are your aspirations for 2014 in regards to title fights?


DOC: My pleasure bud.

Camp’s great it always is. I stay in shape as a lifestyle so I guess you could say I’m always technically in camp!


What I expect at this fight is to keep climbing my personal ladder and get more experience as well as work on things in the fight that I have been doing in the gym. I’m always trying to improve as a fighter.

Aspirations are to wear a championship belt of course but tomorrow’s not promised so ill just continue to work hard daily ‘till I get a glimmer of hope.


CAH: Very level headed attitude champ and good to see a fighter accepting the climb to the top is a long one, no shortcuts mate.

 You’re an American lad (bhoy); can you tell us how your love of Celtic came about?


DOC: Well I’m a soccer player by heart, been playing footy since I was 5. Celtic FC is big in the Boston Irish community and it’s a club I came to follow a while back. The Celtic family is amazing and unlike belonging to any other organization I’m sure you are familiar with exactly what I’m saying. Being part of history when we beat Barca and doing the halftime draw was one of the most memorable things I’ve done in my life it was a life changing event!


CAH: Great words Danny. People outside of the Celtic Family really have no idea of the bond there is.


That leads me perfectly to your connection with the Celtic Family. How much of a drive is it for you pre-fight with the support you get? 


DOC: Can’t even explain to you in words the feeling I get from the support from the Celtic family, it’s breath taking. When I say the word family I thoroughly mean that. I have numerous people a day following me and wishing me luck and it makes me feel really good to be able to do what I’m passionate about & love ( boxing) and have people take notice of me for it. I’m a boxer yes, but I’m also a person, a husband and a father so I’m just grateful that some people like me (laughs) and I’m honored that I can represent the hoops with class!


CAH: You’ll have seen the level of support Ricky Burns gets; do you think you could ever come to Scotland and fight? It would be some special atmosphere for sure!


DOC: Absolutely! I would love to fight in Scotland, it’s on the list of places I dream of fighting.


CAH: As a footballer and professional boxer, would your biggest dream be pulling on the Hoops for Celtic or winning a world belt?


DOC: Horrible question! I mean, I want to win a world championship belt more then anything. It’s been the dream since the second I put on gloves. However, playing for Celtic would be unbelievable also (laughs) so for that I don’t have a reply I’m equal to both I wish I could do both!


CAH: We all hope you do both, can you defend? Lol

How does the SPL compare to the American soccer league?


DOC:  MLS has got a lot better over the years and soccer is improving over here in the states. With the addition over the years of players like Beckham, and Dempsey recently coming back, it’s getting publicity and a growing fan base as well. I don’t think it’s on the level of a Celtic park home match I mean that was the most unbelievable atmosphere of a sporting event I’ve ever been to it was unreal. However MLS is getting more popular and I hope one day it can match other leagues.


CAH: Do you have a favourite player from past or present? 


DOC: I’m a big fan of Clint Dempsey. He played for my home New England revolution back in the day and I followed him to Spurs. He is a good dude, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him on occasion.


CAH: Do you have a final message for the Celtic Family? 


DOC: My message for the #CelticFamily is thank you! Their support is amazing and indescribable. I can’t find words to express how meaningful to me it is. They stand by me and I’m honored to be part of the family and I hope I can always represent the Celtic family & the hoops with pride!


CAH: Your pride is plain for all to see my friend. You’re a top bhoy and it’s been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. Many, many thanks for taking the time out to do this and everybody at @CeltsAreHere wish you all the very best in your career. Next time you’re over, the drinks are definitely on us.



Danny O’Connor can be followed on twitter, @DOC_Boxing and on his official website





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